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June 27th, 2011, 01:37 PM
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Well for those that don't know - Dh has 2 dds from a previous marriage. He & I have been together for 6 1/2 years now. From the very beginning, his oldest dd hasn't accepted me or my dd. On top of that Dh & I had a son together. Then Dh adopted my dd which threw oldest sd over the edge. 3 years ago, she opted out of our family. Dh would go visit her - they live 4 hours away but she would never come to our house nor would we go there. For 1 year, we weren't even able to see the youngest dd who wanted to see us but bio mom & oldest sd are very, very controlling. Anyhooo last year, youngest dsd stood up for herself & demanded that her mother let her have time with us. So yay! We've really enjoy being together as a family.

Well this weekend, mil came to visit - oldest sd is staying with her for part of the summer. She told us that oldest sd wants us - all of us to come to see the community play she's in. She's now 16 so I don't know if this is her maturing or feeling left out or what.

Dh & I are very, very cautious because ds is manipulative & calculating. Like coming for the weekend & being very friendly & nice - making me think things were getting better & then on her way out the door - handing me a grievance letter of all the "crimes" I'd committed in her mind over the years (she was 12 then). Anyway, I'm not up for being sucker punched but more importantly I don't want my kids to get hurt. Ds doesn't remember her at all. He was just 2 when she opted out but dd does. And dd hasn't had an easly life because of her bio dad so I'm very protective of her.

But on the other hand, if she is in honestly extending the olive branch, how can I not take it???? I just don't trust her. She reaked so much havoc on our lives before - trying to break us up etc. (long story)

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