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June 28th, 2011, 08:04 AM
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Yeah I agree with you ladies. We'll most likely go. I already laid down some ground rules with DH. In the past, we've catered to her at the detriment to the my kids who are much younger (youngest is now 5). So I want to make sure they are fed on time (has happened in the past were they weren't because dh was catering to the oldest) and get enough rest.

The good thing about this particular time is that sd is in a play so she'll be busy. So there won't be a lot if any alone time. Plus mil will be there too so sd will have to be on her best behavior. Bad thing is we'll probably see dh's ex She'll be overly friendly which annoys me but I guess it's better than hostile It's just so fake. Stab us in the back but be sicky sweet to our faces.

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