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June 30th, 2011, 03:53 AM
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LOL at ro well your a BTDT mom so i guess youd know

i still have to

*buy bath time stuff .. shampoo and baby powder ... few more hooded towels

*PICK coming home outfit ... nothing seems to HIT ME as the one

*buy and put together crib .. sounds bad but we were waiting for money to balance out YAY it has been alot better lately with cash flow! just controlling our spending helped

*pick nursery paint .... maybe we wont paint ... im to scared to pick the wrong color ...

*finalize how i want the nursery (was waiting til painting was done .. duno if we gonna paint now though)

*shampoo the carpets!!!

*pack the hospital bag .. im only 32 wks figure i have time

*buy baby monitor and diapers

*buy bassinet

then i think thats it ... sounds like alot LOL but ehh ... i have time ... i think ... ><
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