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June 30th, 2011, 01:13 PM
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Two things here. First is that "almost no sensations" is not dry though. Any sensation is an indication of fertility, unless it's been established as part of your BIP.

Second thing is that if you ovulate without any CM at all, conception is not possible. It's an infertile cycle. The CM is what tells you that the plug has left the cervix, sperm can enter. If there's no CM, the plug remains in place and the sperm can't get through even if you release the best darn egg in the world.

Marquette is a neat option though. It hasn't been studied extensively yet and uses from Rhythm method calculations to determine when to start testing (doesn't account for the possibility of ovulating earlier than that), but if you ignore those and test during the entire cycle rather than on a particular cycle day - that would probably give you enough notice of impending fertility.
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