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June 30th, 2011, 11:34 PM
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So my in laws have known for several months that we would be coming up to see them. Their house in Minnesota doesn't have central air. They purchased a window unit for their room. My MIL works morning shift and step-FIL works 3rd shift. Well it was 90 plus here today and currently it is after midnight and still 80 plus in our bedroom. Will my in laws open their bedroom door and share the air NO!!!!!! I'm so fed up with all the BS they are dealing out. Do this this way, ohhh wait don't do this. No ac. Make sure my 8 month old daughter stays quiet so they can sleep. At this point I feel like they are trying to force us to leave....and believe me I am more than ready, but DH is not and i can't even express to him how i feel because he will take up for them. You think they would be tripping over backwards to get us to stay longer. This is the first time they have seen munchkin, and first time to see us in almost a year. Ohhh and trying to get them to willingly help with munchkin is like pulling teeth. My mother is so much better. This was supposed to be a vacation, not misery.

Ok rant over i think. Going to try to go to sleep in this miserable room. Sorry for typos, using my phone.

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