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July 1st, 2011, 02:03 AM
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Yes. He had IUGR due to the fibroid, so he was small. Under tenth percentile.

He is doing so great. so proud of him. I think I mentioned this, but my brain is foggy, so I will mention again just in case... He was able to breathe on his own very quickly... Within the first day. He is already sucking on AND HOLDING (!) a pacifier on his own. He needs to be tube fed until 34ish weeks. He is constantly trying to jump out of the incubator and cracking the nurses up.

They replaced his IV/feeding tube with a PICC which is a more stable shunt type device today. This keeps them from starting new IV's every few days and poking him so much. Poor thing. The procedure went well... But we were scared. It involved a lot of steps and xrays to make sure it was put in properly, etc. Because of this, I couldn't hold him today.

I am in a lot of pain post C Section. I go home tomorrow and frankly... Scared. Overwhelmed as well. Adin is going to be in NICU for a ling time (month?), but i am comfforted to know he continues to shine.

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