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July 3rd, 2011, 01:30 AM
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Name: Samantha

DC name: Roghan

Type of birth: Induction, vaginal

Why are you "here": I desperately wanted a NCB. To the point where I was seriously planning a free birth (there are NO midwives in my area), just seeing my OB regularly until THE day. I honestly thought I would be able to go through with it until my last few weeks of pregnancy. I developed pre-e at an alarming rate and my OB thought I was already eclamptic when he sent me straight from his office to L&D. (I trust my OB completely, NOT the other ones in the practice... So I believe the induction really saved ME). I ended up getting the epi (which I see as an intervention...) and went on to have a vaginal birth.

One POSITIVE experience about your birth: I didn't have to be coached. I DID NOT want to be told when to push, I would push when I **** well felt like it! I felt EVERY urge and knew when to bear down to bring my DS into the world. I also told the doctor that delivered (another OB I will trust at my practice now) that I wanted to avoid an episiotomy, and he let me tear naturally like I wanted. Only 3 stitches.

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