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July 3rd, 2011, 04:23 PM
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Sounds like you two have a unique relationship and are able to still talk reasonably openly, which is a good start.

You knew that he wouldn't be thrilled, and he isn't. But from what you have said, he sounds like he is not the type to leave you high and dry. So if it were me, I would make every headway I could to get myself into a good space, just to show him you can, even when pg. I know getting a job might be hard, but perhaps just demonstrating that you "get it" by saving money will help over time...?

I know this may not be a popular opinion, but "its not over till its over" and a lot can happen in the coming months as the baby grows. I would try to keep calm and rational (as a pg woman can!) as the months go by. I also agree with the other poster who suggested counseling. If there is still love there, a counselor could help you get over/work through the other seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Is he amenable to counseling at all?

Anyway, good luck with everything. I will pray that he realizes what a blessing that is coming his way.
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