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July 4th, 2011, 12:24 AM
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MauMama Thanks for the advice My mom was also a young mother. Had me when she was 18 and raised me on her own. So she believes I can care for the baby. Every friend (but the guys) agree that I can do it and that I would be an awesome mother. I have so much support it really surprised me.

I told him I wouldn't even put his name on the birth-certificate. I'm hoping he will turn around and just give me the approval to have it, even if he says he doesn't want anything with me or the baby. I feel like I need to have his approval to make this choice a little easier.

Too make this a better situation for me, his cousin agreed I should get the abortion (my best guy friend) and then said he would move away with the father and asked me to break up with his girlfriend of almost a year now, if I decided to keep, because they plan on just up and leaving with no notice. wow right?
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