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July 4th, 2011, 07:49 PM
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I'm not necessarily a "young" mom anymore, I'm 32, but when I was 22 I had already had my first 2 children. My husband and I had also been married for 3 years. Our children were 2 and 1.

I was working as a cashier at a retail store, and this elderly man came through my line. Unfortunately, I was still nursing my son and I had leaked through my nursing pad and my shirt and my work smock didn't cover it completely, and I was hoping customer flow would slow down enough for me to run for the bathroom.

Anyway, this old man gave me a long lecture about how young people shouldn't be having babies and sucking up welfare..blah blah blah and then how many kids do I have anyway?

Tried to maintain my cool and be polite, said I had 2, and he really got irrate with me and started on a tirade about how young I was blah blah blah. I'm afraid I lost my temper (resulting in a write up at work) and told this "elder" that I was perfectly in my right to have my children considering my husband and I had been married first and planned them both and we were NOT on welfare.

He was quite shocked, mumbled something about I was still too young, and left with his purchases.

So I totally feel you! People are just rude sometimes.

My biggest peeve right now is complete strangers coming up to rub my belly. Um, NO TOUCHING!

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