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Week 15

Well, yesterday I had my first u/s and appointment!
Here is my little bean at 14 weeks and 6 days:

Just talked with Amy about how I have been sick for about a week now, well she just gave me a brilliant ... it's probably preggo symptoms. I have been soo stuffed up. My nose is running, I have to blow my nose about 30x per day, I have horrible headaches, I'm coughing, sore/itchy throat, etc. Lots of those could be preggo related. Can I just say I HATE having snot in my throat/mouth. It makes me gag.

Anyway, besides for feeling sick I am doing great. Pretty uneventful pregnancy thusfar.
I can't wait til August 2nd when my next appointment is! Hopefully we will find out if Eli is going to have a little sis or little bro Can't wait!

eli grey [9.15.10]
jude lawrence [11.9.12]
forever loving our best girl, finley [born still 10.30.11]
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