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July 7th, 2011, 03:05 AM
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I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible. I spent 12 long miserable hours at the ER today. I went in because I passed a clot this morning and I for sure thought I was losing the baby. My spotting didn't increase but the clot petrified me. So I waited for forever there! It took two hours to do the u/s, two flipping hours! I was panicking the entire time because I couldn't figure out what they were looking at and why it was taking so long. So the radiologist doctor tells me the baby looks good, the HB was 111 and I was measuring 5w6d. So I leave there thinking everythings awesome. I escaped a catastrophe. Then I get back to the ER section and the doctor there breaks the news to me that the baby might be ectopic. Not a tubal but outside the uterus. I finally break at this point. I haven't eaten all day, I have a headache from hell, and I've been at the ER at this point for 10 hours!!!! Everything starts running through my head, this explains my F'd up levels, which only went up to 5900 today, why it took two hours to do my u/s, and a constant spotting. So they had several OBs and radiologist review my u/s and they all agreed that they actually don't think it's ectopic. It appears either my endo or a fibroid is pushing my uterus over and that's why the u/s was messed up. They said the baby appears to be in the right section of the uterus, my uterus is just jacked up lol. It's flopped all the way forward so it looks like I'll get bigger sooner.

So to sum this all up, I have a healthy baby as of now. I was told by the doctor that I'm at a threatened miscarriage state because of the spotting. I have to go back in if I start cramping more or the bleeding picks up. They'll be doing alot of monitoring too. I'll probably have another u/s Friday or Monday. So please just pray ladies that this little baby stays put as of right now!
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