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July 8th, 2011, 10:54 AM
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Don't say no to every single thing. While discipline is obviously a good thing, babies and toddlers learn by exploring. They want to touch and get into everything! If it is a serious safety issue, obviously that is different.

They also have to learn how not to injure themselves. Example, charlotte's cousin was about 16 months old running around my house playing with everything. She started playing with an infant carseat on the floor. She got behind it, stood on the back of it so it tipped the front all the way up, grabbed the front and rocked it forward, faceplanting in the carpet. Relatively harmless, but it didn't feel good. She went to do it again, her grandma didn't stop her. She said she has to learn. She did it again, but it was the last time. Again, if you see potential for a real injury, obviously you need to intervene.

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