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July 8th, 2011, 12:30 PM
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Tonya, that whole story sucks. I have to admit that I laughed when you called DH "biohazard dad"

Megan, it also sucks that you got bit, but that's awesome you figured out something to help it. I hope your DH comes home and has some super sperm for you.

Alicia, you'll have to keep us updated on your RE appointment in August. That's coming up so quickly.

AFM: My acupuncturist used 17 needles yesterday. I think it was 17. I didn't count them going in and was super relaxed as she took them out. I didn't get a good count. She does them mainly in my legs, but had two between my eyes, one on each wrist and 3 in my belly. She always used to put one between my eyes, but I think the second one yesterday was because I've been sick. She gave me an awesome discount for sending business her way. It's only a one time discount, but it helps. My next appointment is on Wednesday. I love how great I feel after an appointment. I wish I could afford to go every week, even when we aren't ttc. I found that I never got any PMS when I was going before. My back always hurts so bad before AF and it never did when I saw her.

We talked for a long time before she put any needles in me. I told her when I got AF, how I miscarried in May, when the kiddos stopped BFing. I wanted to give her reasons why I had no clue what my body was doing and she completely understood. I filled out her paperwork but it was really hard since my cycles and symptoms have been completely different every month. I forgot to ask her about diet, but I'll do that next week. I assume she wants me to continue eating what I ate before. She looked over the vitamins and suppliments I was already taking and didn't add anything. The last time I was there she did, but I have continued taking the things she added. She didn't ask me to stop taking vitex or anything else I'm taking. I was going to ask if she thinks we have the same amount of work to do that we did last time, more or less, but I had a raging headache and totally forgot. So, I guess that's my update for now.

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