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July 8th, 2011, 07:51 PM
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Hey everyone My name is Jaiyannah-Mariee i was a teen mother at 19 i was 17 wen i met Aylin Jamal father we both went to high school we bothe fell on love over the years we had sex most of the time it was unpertected .Two days after my birthday i found out i was 11 wks pregnant by the time January came of 2009 Aylin father told me he didnt want the baby anymore so one night i was walking to my car from the store and i was brutal attacked by a group of girl that my then bf sent to kill my child .i didnt go to the hospital i went home hurting real bad the next morning i went to the doctor he told me my baby i was caring for 8moths was dead that night and many other nite i cried my self to its July and i am 11 wks and 5days pregnant wit my new a differnt man who i truly due date is January 22 2012 thanks im Jaiyannah-Mariee
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