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July 9th, 2011, 01:51 PM
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Originally Posted by CeilidhBrennan View Post
Not really the same, but I'm 23 and took my 3 youngest brothers out (3, 2, 5 months at the time) and a few people were staring at me and one even said "Wow, you should keep you legs closed" What??? They are my brothers. Even so, I'm 23, I'm old enough to have them that age if I wanted to.
They actually said that?! People shouldn't assume!

Originally Posted by Babymakes8 View Post
Anyway, this old man gave me a long lecture about how young people shouldn't be having babies and sucking up welfare..blah blah blah and then how many kids do I have anyway?

My biggest peeve right now is complete strangers coming up to rub my belly. Um, NO TOUCHING!
How rude! I always fear that people think these sort of things about me, although I've never been on welfare either.

People used to rub my belly all the time. Who on earth thinks it's okay to rub a stranger's belly?

Both my boyfriend and I have got several comments regarding our age. We're both 20, but people always seem to think I'm 16-17. Usually it's not completely rude, but I've had people say things like, "He is so cute. How old were you when you had him?" People don't say that unless they think you are really young. I did have an old lady in line at the grocery store ask how old I was. I was 19 at the time. She said, "Oh, bless your heart."
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