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July 10th, 2011, 11:04 PM
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Okay, here’s the thing ladies, I am not trying to have some online tell that I am pregnant, I would just like advice, suggestions, maybe stories of people who relate and things of that nature. I do know that , at the end of the day, take a pee test or go the to doctors.
Anyways, my situation is this… I had my period twice in the month of June, (not normal for me). First, I got AF June 3rd, which lasted 3 days and was very light ( I normally have my period for 7 days & it is extremely heavy.) While having my period I did throw up in the morning twice which also never happens. Then I got my period at the end, June 28th, it was heavy this time, lasted 6 days, but would sometimes randomly stop bleeding for ˝ the day.
My stomach has been seeming to get bigger, and now becoming a little firm., it getting round as if a bab is in ther.e I have been eating a lot more than normal, sleeping horribly but have more recently been becoming tired through out the day. I have random headaches, angry outbursts, and the past few days have become sensitive (towards the end of my 2nd period).
I have thrown up a few more times but that was last week before my period had come again. Im just curious if anyone has gone through any of the same things as myself. BTW I have taken a few home pregnancy tests (right before my 1st period this month) because I was feeling “weird” before then, and I took a pregnancy test at the doctors as well two weeks back.
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