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July 12th, 2011, 08:19 PM
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Hello! My name is MJ and I am mom to a two year old boy conceived with fertility drugs + IUI.

I believe I have had pcos since puberty, and I have what is termed lean pcos. I weighed hardly anything in high school and had erratic periods. I have some hirsutism. My other symptoms include high LH, high androgens, thyroid problems, classic cystic ovaries on ultrasound, fibroids, high cholesterol and I had pre-eclampsia with my son's birth.

This is my journal to chronicle the copious amounts of supplements I am taking, my fitness and nutrition regime, and my progress combating pcos naturally. I would also like to conceive without med assistance this time, but considering we also have MFI going on that is not likely whatsoever. But a girl can hope The plan is to TTC naturally for a few months, and then go back to use the same drugs and IUI we succeeded with before in a few months after getting myself as ready as possible. We will do 1-2 IUIs followed by IVF this fall/winter if the IUIs are unsuccessful. My PCOS has become worse since having a child, and my DHs issues are very unpredictable. So that's the plan! I also plan to use this journal to complain, moan, and vent about how much I HATE PCOS, and what a pita it is making my life! lol

I hope my journal helps other women with pcos, especially lean cysters, and that you can see how the various herbs and supplements react in me. I am pretty diligent about taking everything and keeping with my fitness routine, so this should be a fun experiment! And hopefully I can see some non-PCOSy ovaries on the cooter cam sometime soon

If you have any questions please ask! The supplement values are starting values for now, as many of them I just started taking this past weekend. They may go up, or I may eliminate some. My hope is to slowly eliminate many of them within 3-6 months if possible. We shall see.


**problems to address: estrogen dominance & insulin resistance** disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so don't take what I do as medical advice

Lost 14% of body weight since January 2011
How I did it: No carbs AT ALL, 30-40 minutes of cardio a day, everyday, No sugar (or hardly any ), about 100 crunches a day.


{ Fitness }
~ 40 minutes intense cardio/day (20 min high resistance elliptical, 20 min running or swimming).
~ 200 crunches/day.

~ 20 minutes weight training/day (especially the arms).

**30 minutes yoga daily
***Acupuncture -- 1st appt this week!!

{ Food }
~ Organic meat, no preservative diet, mostly organic fruits and veggies.

~ High Fiber. High Protein.

~ 5 cups fruits and veggies a day.
~ Limited dairy and gluten. May go gluten free.

~ Low Glycemic Foods. No refined anything.
~ No caffeine (can increase estrogen).
~ 1-2TB Flax/day (reduce testosterone and some estrogens. fiber).
~ a 1/2 cup almonds/day (help reverse insulin resistance).

{ Teas }

~ Warm Lemon Water (PM tea. Detox the liver)
~ Lemon Balm (AM tea. Calming, reduce heart palpitations and anxiety)
~ Red Raspberry Leaf (Noon tea. Balances hormones, alkanizes cervical fluid, & tones the uterus) **CD1 until O ONLY

{ Supplements }

To address insulin resistance (IR) -

~ Zinc (also thyroid health)

~ Cinnamon Bark
~ Chromium GTF (*deficiency can cause IR)
~ Magnesium citrate (*deficiency can cause IR. also manages estrogen)
~ Calcium citrate + Vitamin D3 (also follicular development, egg maturation)
~ Fish Oil (also anti-inflammatory)
~ Green Tea Extract
~ D-Chiro-Inositol (get from food sources): 1.5 cups oatmeal (or) .5 c chickpeas (or) 1 cup lentils per day

To address estrogen dominance -
~ DIM (found in cruciferous veggies. also good for endo) **taken cd 5-9 ONLY (at the moment, anyways)
~ B Vitamin complex (thyroid health, manages estrogen)
~ Grape Seed Extract (an aromatase inhibitor, like femara which I used to conceive Jack. A drug that lowers levels of estrogen in the body, similar to clomid) 
**taken cd 5-9 ONLY.

To help the liver clear excess hormones and repair damage -
~ Milk Thistle
~ Calcium D-glucarate (cleans body of bad estrogens and other toxins in the liver, breast care)

Other - 

~ RAW for women (raw foods multivitamin)
~ Curcumin with piperine (from turmeric. helps digest fat, liver health, anti-inflammatory)
~ Vitamin K2 as MK-7 (puts the calcium in your bones, instead of in your arteries. super important!)

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