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July 14th, 2011, 05:03 PM
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Thanks, Kathi! I am really hoping I'll feel better as soon as I get past Saturday!

27 Weeks

So yesterday was the point in my pregnancy when my water broke...and here I am, still with my cervix nice and long, no leaking, all good. I will say I'm feeling better today than I was a day or two ago, but I know I won't really start to feel OK at least until I get past Saturday, which is the point when I gave birth to Jim.

Tuesday night I had a pretty big freak-out. So, last Friday was my GD screen, and they had told me they wouldn't call unless I flunked it. So, I get home Tuesday and there's a message from the peri's office saying they had some news about my blood work and to please call them. It's after office hours, but I'm not about to sit around scared all night, so I press the button for the on-call nurse in their phone tree system. That gets me a hospital switchboard operator, so I tell her I'm trying to reach the on-call nurse for the perinatal clinic. She takes my name and number and says if someone hasn't called me in 30 minutes, to call back. 10 minutes later, I get a call from the on-call nurse, who is out living her life because their on-calls aren't like stuck in the office all night, they take calls from home. (Which makes sense, although if I were organizing it, I'd have the nurses in the antepartum ward handling on-call perinatal calls so the daytime office nurses don't have to take shifts, but hey, I'm not running the place.) So, she says she'll get to a computer and call me back in about an hour. I say fine, hang up the phone, and burst into tears. At this point, I'm feeling like my body wasn't cut out for pregnancy, like I wasn't meant to have a normal pregnancy, like I'm failing Maggie just like I failed Jim, etc. You know, all that stuff that people who've had a traumatic pregnancy experience go through. I could feel myself panicking--shortness of breath, heart racing, all that fun stuff--as I'm crying. Shout out to my DH, who just hugged me and told me he loved me no matter what.

2 hours later, the nurse finally calls back. The conversation went like this: "Hi, this Maggie from Swedish Perinatal, I'm so sorry it took so long to call you back." "Hi Maggie--that is so funny, we're naming this baby Maggie." "Oh wow, how funny because my mom wanted to name me Elizabeth! But I really like being named Maggie, so, good job choosing a name." (At this point, I'm thinking, if you called to tell me I've got GD, on the day before my water broke with Jim, I am seriously not going to call my kid Maggie.) "Well, I'm calling because your iron levels were low when we tested them on Friday, so we want you to adjust your iron intake. Good news is, your glucose screen came back normal." At this point, I finally feel the rock of panic lifted off my chest and I'm able to breathe again. Iron levels low, sheesh, they tell me that every time they test me! So we talk about when to take my iron to hopefully increase my absorption of it (I'm taking my second dose of it separate from my prenatal now) and then she apologizes again for leaving me hanging and says, "I bet you were worried about that GD screening, huh?" And I said, "Yeah, I was, I'm glad it's just my iron levels again!" And then DH and I hugged, I started breathing again, and then I went to bed, because I was spent!

Then yesterday, one of the nurse practitioners called again to say that my thyroid level was off too and they are upping my dose of synthroid from 50 mg. to 75. Again I panicked a bit when she called, but again it was nothing scary (not surprised at all about a low-performing thyroid, I figured I'd need more synthroid as time went on) and was able to calm down after the call.

I know I wouldn't have freaked out half as badly if I wasn't right in the scariest stretch of this pregnancy...and I really, really hope that on Sunday, when I'm more pregnant than I've ever been, I start to feel more calm.
~Beth in Seattle

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