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July 14th, 2011, 05:17 PM
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Do you keep track of what you eat each day? I find that when I keep track of my food intake, I seem to do better with weight loss, even if I'm not trying to restrict calories or anything like that.

I used to use WW online to track my meals and workouts. Several years ago I lost 15 - 20 lbs using WW, and ever since then, I've subscribed to WW online, but I have not used it consistently. I find their food tracking process to be a bit cumbersome, and until just recently, they did not have a mobile app for Android. Plus, there are so many free options out there. Anyway, I decided today to end my subscription, because why pay $15/month if I'm not going to use it.

I recently signed up for Anyone else use it? It's got a food diary that is way better (IMO) than WW's. I particularly like the bar code scanner so that you can scan & automatically pull in all the nutritional info. And their database of foods is pretty extensive. You can set weight loss goals, and it will calculate number of calories you should eat to help get you to your goals. I'm sure there's also an online community & other info on the site.

If you're doing some kind of specialized diet not based on counting calories, it might not be as helpful, but even if you are not counting calories, per se, I think it's nice that you can track your consumption of certain nutrients (calcium, fiber, protein, etc). You can also track your weight loss & inches lost.

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