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July 16th, 2011, 01:38 PM
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Congratulations! I'm sure everything will work itself out for you. You wanted to get pregnant soon after marriage but mainly didn't do it because of pressure and opinions from family, right? You're an adult who doesn't need to be told how to live her life. If they would prefer to be married a year before having children, that's fine, but it's not right for everyone. You've been together for a long time. They might not be supportive at first, but I'm sure they'll come around very soon. At least you're not having an unplanned baby at 16. Your family likely won't be upset about it for very long. Also, you don't have to tell them anytime soon. Most people decide to wait until they're at least 12 weeks along to announce it.

As for your husband, he'll probably get over it eventually as well. It often takes guys a while to process news like this, especially when it's unplanned. Many guys freak out even when it's planned. Just give him some space and time, even though it's hard to not have him as support right now. A child doesn't mean the end to all fun in your life. Since you guys are okay financially, it'll give you freedome that many people with unplanned pregnancies don't have.

As for a job, you technically don't have to tell employers when your'e hired that you're pregnant. That doesn't mean they won't be annoyed when 4 months down the line you tell them you're pregnant and want to schedule maternity leave. You should get family medical leave which will keep any benefits active and secure your job, but some employers require you to be there longer to get extended paid maternity leave. Also, if you want to stay at home with the baby for a while after he/she is born, you might just want to wait to start a job.
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