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July 16th, 2011, 10:17 PM
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Hi, Gals!

I lurk here on occasion, moreso when TTC and pregnant, and we're beginning our TTC #3 journey, so here I am thinking of names For some reason, I'm thinking of girl names ATM

I love the nickname Cass for a girl. But I don't like many Cass--- names Can you help?

I know of:

Cassidy (I like it, but our other DD's an "-ey" ending name, so hoping for something different.)

Cassandra (don't like it)
Cassiopia (sp? Don't like it either way)
Kasslyn (I've seen it somewhere on the board and love it! But I don't want to "steal" anyone else's name, and DH's old principal's last name was Cassins, so not sure if he'd go for it).

Are there any other Cass/Kass names out there for a girl? I'm stumped!
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