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July 17th, 2011, 03:37 PM
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So I had my u/s today. Last u/s I had Talan was breech! He's not anymore thank god. Anyways.. He was awake when I got there and was being so stubborn. He stuck his head right into the placenta and whenever we got a good 1 second shot of his face, he covered it with his hands! She tried pushing him down so there was more fluid between his face and the placenta but he just got mad and turned the opposite way she wanted him too! Annnnd then he went to bed and didn't move the whole entire time Lol, he's already a stubborn boy, wonderful! I seen him swallowing the amniotic fluid and practicing breathing! I seen some hair and his "boy parts" lol. He looks like he has big ears lol!! Heartbeat was 140, as usual. Seems like it never changes! I wish he was awake so i could have gotten a good picture in 3D, still worth $200 to see him again aha, but he could have at least done something interesting!
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