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July 17th, 2011, 08:13 PM
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Penelope "Poppy" Louise
July 15, 2011
6 lbs 12 oz
19 3/4 inches
6:07 pm

We decided to induce because I was GBS+ and I was worried about her size. Plus I was 39 wks. I am not a fan of inductions at all and kinda wish I would have waited, but I was more impatient than I had orignally thought! I arrived to the hospital at 7am and got checked into my room and all ready. The nurse came in to put in my IV so I could get antibiotics in right away. She blew in two different places! So she called someone in who knew what they were doing and she got it in on the first try. The dr came in at 8am and broke my water, I was at a 4 then.

My contractions started up right away and we were worried that maybe baby would come before the second dose of meds could be dripped in, so I laid in bed until the second bag was started. I was checked then and was only at a 5. I got up to pee and EVERYTHING stopped. They had me start walking to try and get things going again. My dad and I walked a mile and a half and I laid back down. Contractions had picked up, but weren't close enough for my nurse. She wanted to see 2-3 mins apart, not 3-4. We discussed PIT and I told her that I did not want it, however, I would agree to it, but we had to get the epi going because I didn't want it to be like my last PIT labor.

My nurse then asked me if I wanted a challenge. Apparently there was another lady in labor. She was at a 9, but she was also a first timer. Anyways, my nurse told me to beat her! lol. I laughed because I just didn't think that was possible.

At 4 pm the nurse started dripping in the bags of fluid....SLOWLY...and started me on PIT at the lowest dose. She assured me that the PIT would not, could not possibly, start working in the first half hour, so we would see how I felt after the first half hour. Well, my body reacts to PIT pretty quick and I was instantly have close, strong contractions. They kept getting worse and closer and I was to the point where I couldn't breathe. And the bag of fluid for the epi, I swear, started dripping SLOWER and SLOWER! I did my best to keep my breathing under control, but it wasn't long before my arms and legs were near dead. I kept telling her that I wanted the epi NOW. She kept checking me and I was getting thinner and thinner, but still at a 5. And she kept uping the PIT even after I told her I didn't want anymore, I was done with it, it was obviously working. Finally, she got the anesthsiologist in the room. It had to be somewhere between 5:30 and 5:45.

He started telling me about the two kinds of pain relief, the traditional epi and the blah blah bbb.....llll....aaaa.....hhhh...."JUST GIVE ME THE QUICK ONE!" I yelled. Seriously. And everyone in the room was like....umm...okay. So they sit me up and I just started bawling. I couldn't keep my breathing or pain under control and I was so mad that the nurse hadn't stopped the PIT when I asked. I was mad that she dripped the bag in so slowly (she really did, I've seen them go quicker). Plus the fact that dh wasn't there. My mom held me up and my poor dad hid in the corner because, in all honesty, I don't think he'd EVER seen anything like this before. I felt bad for him.

The guy got it in really quick though and the relief was instant. I was very hesitant to go with the "walking epi" because my sister had it and itched really bad. But I figured I'd rather have instant working relief and itching than a slow epi that probably wouldn't work. I laid down and that was it for the pain. I could feel my arms and legs too! Woot. I was happy and laughing. The nurse checked me and I was an 8. And at that point my body from my belly down started itching! I had my mom on one leg scratching and I was scratching everywhere else. I couldn't help but laugh. They started getting the room ready and two contractions later I was ready to push. I actually felt like baby would fall out at this point. I had to get oxygen at this point, too, because baby wasn't handling things as well as I was.

The dr came in and told me to push...and I did. And then he says..."umm, you need to push..." And then he called me a poor performer! lol. He was joking, he knows I can push. But he also said we had to get baby out and he had other ways to do it if he had too. So I pushed twice with the next contraction and did MUCH better. Then they told me to rest and push with the next contraction. So we waited and I'm like..."Now? Am I having one? How about now?" I just couldn't tell, which happens to me at the end for some reason. Finally, the next contraction came and I pushed two more times and baby came out!

They put baby on my chest and I heard my mom laugh and then say, "It's a girl!" And I just laid there, staring at my mom in complete disbelief. I couldn't tell if she was serious or not. I was just in shock. I kept thinking, "Wait, it's a girl? You mean....I have to tell Kagen it's a girl and not the boy he wanted?" I mean come on, EVERYONE in my family thought this was a boy except Ryen and Lucy. They kept telling me it was girl and I kept telling them it was a boy. Anyways, I finally came to and looked at her. She looks just like Oliver. I was so surprised. She just cried and cried. lol. We waited to clamp the cord and my mom got to do the honors.

I handed Poppy over while the dr finished up with me. It was quite a fiasco getting the placenta to finally come out. They did her apgars and she got a 9 and a 10. The nurse told me I'm lucky because she never gives 10's. My mom asked the nurse then who won...and it was ME! lol. My dr delivered Poppy and then went and delivered the other lady. I was up and walking by 8pm, which was a very nice difference from my last. I couldn't walk for another 10 hours after he was born, but I'd had the traditional epi with him. I would definitely do the walking again.

So that's our birth story. It was intense for a couple hours and boring for the rest. Poppy is a good baby so far. We had issues nursing while in the hospital, but now that we're home and settled, she is doing great with it. She loves skin to skin as well. I have this baggy shirt with a wide top and I just slid her in my shirt and we slept like that for a couple hours. She was so peaceful and slept so well. The kids absolutely love her. Wyatt pulled a bit of a tantrum when he found out she was a she, but when he held her for the first time he said, "I really wanted a brother, but I love girls!" He doesn't want to leave her side and freaks out when she cries. "Mommy! She's hungry!" It's cute. Oliver did so much better with her than I thought he would. He couldn't stop staring at her when he came to visit.

Here are a few pics. I don't have them with all the kids because my sister still has Lucy and Ollie, but they will come!

Sorry if the pics are big...I resized them.

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