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July 18th, 2011, 10:06 AM
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I have been running at a steady 5mph on the treadmill with sprints of 6mph worked in. My goal is to be able to maintain 6mph for 20 minutes straight. I think I will get there in about 2-3 weeks

I started taking calcium-d-glucarate and green tea supplements. Hoping the green tea helps produce some fertile cm and the calcium-d-glucarate is supposed to help the liver break down the bad forms of estrogen and flush them from the body. Sounds good to me!!

My energy has been lower, but I think it was because I haven't been getting enough sleep. Or if you believe the theory that a total body yeast infection causes pcos, perhaps it is a sign of the candida dying off. They say fatigue and flu-like symptoms are symptoms of that. Really that theory does make sense. Perhaps I will add some coconut oil - which is supposed to help detox your body of candida - to my diet.

Overall I am feeling pretty good, and I am at a decent weight. I will start showing mid-section pics just because I have a goal to get my waist as fit as possible. For me, this seems to be a strong indicator of my pcos. If I can keep it really trim, my pcos seems to also be in control.

Almost forgot - I also brown rice pasta in limited moderation to my diet. I need more fuel for all this running and weight lifting I am doing, and so the whole family made the brown rice pasta switch.

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