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July 18th, 2011, 01:58 PM
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Not sure that I belong here, but I got absolutely no comment on the BC board, so here I go!

Name: Tabitha

Method of choice: FAM, I think? At least, that sounds the closest of the different methods.

Why NFP or FAM? Basically we're WTTC (for financial reasons) and I don't do well on hormonal BC. We've been using withdrawal exclusively for five months and it's been working great so far. I'm pretty aware of my body, but we don't make a distinction over fertile or infertile times, preferring the safer course and just doing withdrawal.

TTC or TTA? WTTC, so I guess TTA?

Care to share your chart? I haven't got a chart. Don't check CM or temps or anything like that. See above.

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