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July 19th, 2011, 05:51 PM
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Gaby has been SUCH a brat lately - last week she told me to "p*ss off" , and once when I was asking her to do something she rolled her eyes and said "blah blah blah"... she's been doing things like that, ignoring me, being rough with Emersyn and taking toys off her, speaking disrespectfully - basically she's acting like a 13 year old

This morning I snapped. I had enough in a BIG way. I'm wondering if the following 'punishment' is too hard - she's 5 in October...

I took all her toys off her - allowed her to choose three to have in the lounge, then sat her down and explained to her that we were re-starting her sticker/behaviour charts, and that her reward for good behaviour is that she can have more of her toys back - each two days she gets the required stickers, she can have one toy back... days with bad behaviour (ie doesn't get required number of stickers) I take one toy off her... a toy that *I* choose... Days that she has exceptionally good behaviour, I am going to allow her to bring another toy through to the lounge toybox.

Another thing she does that annoys the hell out of me right now, is just leave allllllll her stuff on the floor, no matter how often I ask her to put things away, so if she leaves toys that she's not playing with on the floor, and doesn't put them away after I've asked her three times, she will lose one toy.

So...... do you think that's too harsh? Or acceptable??? I sat her down and explained it all to her, we did some role-playing with regard to what is respectful and disrespectful when it comes to talking, and she seemed to get the idea. She was also SUPER well behaved for the hour before we left LOL...

I KNEW I should have just kept up with the sticker/behaviour/1, 2, 3 count that we were doing earlier in the year - that worked SUPER well, but when she started being really well behaved I just let it slip......

She starts school in October, and I really want her to have an idea of what is and isn't acceptable....

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