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July 19th, 2011, 09:39 PM
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I know why they want or ask to go ... 1. they think they will get to be with Mommy all day and eat popsicles (they always come for the last day of school) 2.they know the "big" kids go to Mommy's school and they want nothing more than to be "big" (I keep telling them not to rush it, but they wont listen). I will keep reinforcing how "big" they are for doing their school work. I try to tell them they are luckier than other kids because other kids want to be home schooled ... I hope this helps them want to be home schooled. I had said that I would let them choose - later on though, not at this age - but the longer I stay in public education, the less I think I would let them go. I am hoping that this will be my last year teaching and that when I am home with them, they will want to go away to school less. Thanks for all the input - I am glad to know that other kids also ask to go to school.

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