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July 20th, 2011, 08:56 AM
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Richie is like this to me, too. He turned five back in February. I frequently get the eyerolling, along with a snotty "Whatever!" or "So what?", along with throw down temper tantrums, him ordering me around (a la "Get me a cookie NOW!"), deliberately failing to listen to any instruction I give him whether it's "Please sit, or you'll hurt yourself" or anything more serious such as reprimanding him for not using his manners.

I honestly think it's a phase thing that kids tend to go through, but even knowing that doesn't help much. He's a constant brat to me and me alone, testing his boundaries at every turn imaginable. If Kenny stands up (which we're easing into since it's a blended family and he's new to Richie) and says "You don't treat your mother that way" and imposes some sort of punishment (usually the corner or grounding to his room), Richie will kow to him with no issues whatsoever. Whenever it comes to me, though? God, he's such an utter brat.

I keep wondering myself where my nice, sweet, loving, attentive little boy went to. The only thing I can figure is to keep being firm and consistent, and after a while they'll get the picture and the behaviors will slowly start to disappear.

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