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July 20th, 2011, 03:40 PM
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I asked my ob why he called it the "gender" scan when really why do they (the doctors) care boy or girl. His answer was "A lot of women have anxiety over the anatomy scan since it's the first look at everything all developed. Placing their focus on the gender rather than everything we measure is the goal in calling it that."

I thought that was a very logical reason. I know I started a "gender guess" pool to put in the baby book for all three of mine because the anatomy scans always make me very nervous (my FIL has cleft lip and cleft pallate, as did one of his cousins) so I try to focus on something "fun" instead of the task at hand.

The babies of PAL are all going to be FANTASTIC because we're a great group of women with lots of prayers behind our Beans!!
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