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July 20th, 2011, 05:54 PM
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The is what works for me, as a classroom teacher:

A term overview grid - so a row for each week, then a column for Math/Literacy/Science/ etc. You may need one of these for each child OR you may just colour code a single one with a different colour text for each child.

Then a weekly over view grid: days of the week as the columns, then divide that into rows for 3 daily blocks - morning, middle and afternoon. It's nice to have a bit of routine so the kids can have a nice predictable rythym. So you might start every day with a read aloud, then work on literacy jobs til morning snack. Math in the middle block. Then independent reading after lunch and then some sci/art/theme in the afternoon.

You might like to plan your literacy and math in further detail for each child, thinking about the 4-6 weekly assessment guidelines. Themes are easy to plan, and a lot of fun. Sometimes just a simple mindmap/concept map sketched out can be enough to get you started and then the kids can lead the investigations.

Does this make sense?
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