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July 20th, 2011, 05:55 PM
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My friend just went through this. She got pregnant by someone whom she thought would be thrilled with it. He spoke about marriage and having kids some day but the day came when she told him she was pregnant and he flipped out. He grew feelings for me and he actually told her and I ended my friendship with him. I stuck by her side through the whole thing and since she has low progesterone levels and had no coverage or money for pills (and I wish I had the money because I would've given it to her), she lost the baby at 6 weeks. She never even told him and I haven't either. He told her to have an abortion. He told her he'd go and kill himself. That he was leaving the State and he wasn't going to be found ever again. She told me she was confused because she didn't want to lose him. I told her just like this "honestly, what are you losing? someone who wants your friend? someone who is telling you to abort it just because HE isn't ready?? he should've thought of that before having sex with you. He should've thought of that before talking about marriage and future children with you. Keep your baby because YOU want to; not because you're afraid he's going to kill himself." She did decide to keep it but it was too late. Anyway, my point is, people who try to manipulate other people are very, very immature and I agree with those who said you wouldn't want that in your baby's life anyway. You can do this on your own. You don't need him in your life. What's he going to do for you? Think about it. I know it's scary but there are many women out there doing it and they're just fine. You want happiness and stability in your life. Not someone who pushes abortion on the girl who's carrying HIS OWN CHILD. You're going to be just fine and if he does leave you then so be it. I hate to sound mean and I'm not trying to sound mean but the truth is hun, you can do a lot better!! Congrats on the pregnancy!
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