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July 20th, 2011, 07:35 PM
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I may get yelled at for this but, why are there so many people attacking her? If she really is on birth control, at least she's protecting herself. We were all 16 at one time, right? and I'm sure some (not all) had sex at 16. I also don't know why people are saying he GOT her to have sex with him. I'm sure it was willingly on her part. I don't think she's lying or changing her story. I think she's being honest and really thinks she could be pregnant. It's true her symptoms could be STD-related though. They ALSO could be UTI-related as well.

To the OP, anytime you have sex, whether it's protected by the use of condoms or birth control, you run the risk of pregnancy. That goes without saying and I'm pretty sure you know that. What you have to do is see a doctor to get tested for everything. In case you ARE pregnant you're going to get tested anyway. I understand you're afraid but it's the only way to know for sure.

To everyone else, I'm not trying to fight or anything like that but I just fail to understand why people attacked her. I'm not condoning her behavior, a 16 y.o having sex but then again, a lot of us probably had sex around that age as well. She's young and she's scared. She needs some kind of support.
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