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July 20th, 2011, 08:56 PM
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Your best bet is to stop watching the baby shows, they only want drama. And stop reading all the horror story births. Read about the process and what to expect. Learn how to deal with labor pains even if you plan to get an epidural right away - things don't always go as planned. Know all your options, be prepared for anything. Educate yourself. I think being educated on what happens and your options and rights can help to have a positive birth experience....

Natural childbirth really isn't that bad. I know to someone who hasn't had a baby, it sounds horrible. But natural things kick in to minimize the pain...a head popping through there sounds awful, but it hurts for like 1/2 a second then your body natural numbs you and you don't feel the intense pain you'd think. If you force pushing, you're more likely to if you're not feeling it, don't force matter what the doctors or nurses tell you. With my first I was induced and I eventually got an epidural...I couldn't feel much so they told me when to push. I got a 2nd degree tear (it sounds bad, but it wasn't that bad). My second baby I had all natural (no epi, no drugs, no IVs..) body did the pushing itself..I never had to force myself to push or was all tears. If you go against what is natural, you're more likely to have "issues", so avoid the interventions you can and listen to your body.

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