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July 21st, 2011, 09:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Rinchan View Post
Thanks Leogirl. That made me feel better.

But a new issue sprung up. I told my husband, and he has been freaking out about it. He's worried that our child will consume our life and that we won't be able to follow anymore of our dreams. I can kind of see where he is coming from but it's disheartening. I always imagined that when I found myself pregnant, we would both be very excited. Not all this disappointment and fear. I guess when I told my family the news, I had always imagined that they would all be excited like we were when my sister and sister in laws all got pregnant.

I can't believe how emotional this whole thing has made me. This whole thing sucks.
And now I just read this about your husband. I'm sorry he feels this way but I think he's just in shock. You feel down about the pregnancy because your family but he feels down about the pregnancy because of his plans for the future with you. But in the end, everything will be fine. I keep saying that because it will be. He's just concerned, which is completely understandable but if you both sit down together and work out your fiances, he's going to see that you can afford this. There's really never a right time to have a baby. It happens when it's going to happen. Whether we're ready or not. Just work together and it'll be fine. Also, if you decide to want to work while being pregnant then go for it. There's jobs you can do and people will hire you because you're still early.
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