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July 21st, 2011, 09:39 PM
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Personally, I HATE that approach with a passion! I think it does more to confuse people than anything. I'm very traditional/classical in my approach.

For someone struggling in math, I'd use either Saxon or Teaching Textbooks. TT is about a year (or more) behind at first, but it catches up to average by high school. It's really expensive, though, so you'd have to find it used. Saxon is good for those who struggle and also those who have trouble teaching math, because it scripts everything for you.

I wouldn't use Horizons unless you plan to use the 3rd grade book. Horizons is very advanced, and it's fast-paced.

You might also consider Rod & Staff. It's very old school with tons of practice. It also starts off a little slow, but it catches up around 4th grade, so I'd go with 4th for that one. It's much cheaper than a lot of the stuff out there.

What about Math Mammoth? Have you looked at that one yet?

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