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July 22nd, 2011, 11:53 AM
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I've not been on JM since starting school and I have a diversity project that is due by the August 1st. I have posted this on a couple other boards just to spread the word, because I do only have until the end of next week. So with out further adieu, I was wondering if anyone could help out?

It can only be one person or "culture" . It's about Cultural Medical Diversity. I already have the questions typed up, so all I need is your email address or we can do it through Private Message on here. You don't have to answer anything about your personal medical history, just your family's or/homelands/old countries /where your family came from originally. I am American and live in the stereotypical white predominate small town usa and have no one to interview that I personally know, everyone I know has the same basic American medical beliefs as me.. :/ lol And I know there is a ton of diversity on message boards.

Questions I'll ask are
"How is medical care handled in your community?
Are there any spiritual and/or religious involvement? Are relics used? Do religious deities play major roles? If so what?"
Some get a bit deeper some lighter, but NEVER anything from your personal medical history, this will all be done in private and in confidence, no one will here will see it unless you ask me to post what I will turn in, it will all be up to you. If your not sure, I can even send you the list I have for you to go over before you become" the one". That way you can become comfortable with the idea.

I would love to know about maybe someone of Middle Eastern decent, Italian decent or Eurapean decent there than American. I'm thinking French, German, British and the like. Or even someone who is of a religion that is involved heavily in their medical practices.

I am all about learning, I watch documentaries all the time, I love learning about things that are different than me so anything that might be construed as "too much to handle" or Too Much In formation" is not a problem. I am as they say an open book, I am open to anything.

I've already covered Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, African Americans, and former soviet bloc countries, and Mormon and Jehovah's Witness communities So those I don't need.

If anyone can help I would be greatly appreciated! Please! If not, can you maybe point me in the right direction to a website online?

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