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July 22nd, 2011, 12:14 PM
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I had my first acupuncture appt! It was soooo cool! There were a few cool little extra things I hadn't heard about from others. Like the infrared enzyme light she used over my womb to nourish it and increase blood flow, and the little pieces of gold specks she adhered on my ears afterwards. When she put the 2 on my right ear (a side which she said was more sensitive or blocked or something), I had this freaky internal shiver all the way across my entire right side. It was so freaky! Then my entire side felt like, unblocked or something. It was very cool and freaky. I am thinking this stuff works! We are setting up my treatment protocol and I even bought this herb from her that I had heard about being excellent for PCOS, but has to be special ordered. She told me one of my areas to be addressed are my kidneys. They need boosting and my blood needs nourishing. So I got a list of foods and exercises to do just that which I am really happy about! I do need more energy.

And she was totally impressed with my fitness/diet/vitamin regimen I have been doing. She said I inspired her! She also thinks I am still young enough to turn around these health issues of mine, and that's what I am trying to do. Anyways, it was really relaxing and awesome and I think everyone should try it! I go back next Friday
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