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July 22nd, 2011, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Kangaroo View Post
I feel you're pain. I'm dur in January. My sd8 hits both my bios a lot.
I'm too am in fear of what will happen when our baby arrives.
just curious why the two weeks on and off?
Is it possible he just rather b w bio mom or is that a whole other story?
I so wish he could just be with his mother more but unfortunately the women has bi-polar disorder and cycles on and off her meds resulting in several stays in the psych ward over the past few years. That's also why the visitation is set in two week intervals she can't be alone with him longer than that. In august dh and bio-mom have their final custody hearing, dh is fighting for having his son here full time which terrifies me I can't lose my two week vacations from this kid. I just hold out hope that if she didn't have her two weeks taken from her already and she stays on her meds long enough to make it to the 11th then the current situation will just be made permanent.

It sucks worrying that your newborn baby is at risk because of rotten kids. Sorry you have to worry about that too.

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