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July 22nd, 2011, 10:05 PM
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I FEEL your pain!!! I am new here and I am reading your thread and I am like "woah" that sounds so familiar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had a baby and my bf other 3 are visiting us for the summer.. his daughter and my 1 yr old go at it all the time.. he has 2 boys and they gang up on my son.. not physically, but mentally.. its HELL..

I dont know what advice to give you??? I wish I could, I am already dreading next year and next summer and we still have 3 weeks left here.. I am supposed to be on maternity leave and I am stuck home with 5 children, who fight constantly and I cant do much about it.. I am exhausted from being up all night with a baby who suffers from severe reflux..

My SO talks about getting full custody of his kiddos and I am terrified of that, I am not sure I could do it and it makes me feel so guilty

Sorry.. my vent over!! Wishing you the best though, its a tough situation!
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