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July 22nd, 2011, 11:09 PM
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I just wanted to update. We've finally made progress with the school. Basically we held very firm, even mentioning that we didn't want to move her to another school, and we worked out getting her some writing help along with reading help.

Part of her issues are with perfectionism and she doesn't want to write because it doesn't look 'like the books', ie, her writing isn't form perfect like the printed literature they're looking at.

She's finally made some progress with it, writing her first full sentence!!

We have found immense help in 'fiddlies' as they're called by the SENCO (special education co-ordinator). We have 2 little magnet based creatures. One is a magnet man with fluffy red hair and the other is a giraffe. Because they have magents at the end of their arms, they can hug and stick together.

The kids in her class have taken well to them, asking to play with them at lunch. Other little girls have begun bringing in their own soft toys to play with at lunch. Sophie rubs them whenever something scares her or I leave her in the mornings.

Still a struggle every day, but school is getting better.

Now I know why mums with children on the spectrum are called Warrior Mums. Lots of hard work advocating!!

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