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July 22nd, 2011, 11:27 PM
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Anything that is in a liquid state has the risk of being less effective based on whatever it is compounded with. Something like cough syrup is quite stable whereas something like antibiotics or an acid reduction agent is less stable.

Prilosec granules are in their optimum state as a granule. They are enteric coated so as not to be digested until they are passed through the stomach.

When you make it into a liquid, you don't have that luxury, so a lot of it can be affected by the stomach acid itself and only marginally effective in some people.

We found prilosec liquid was just a pure waste of time. I can imagine it's the same with any PPI that the pharmacy is compounding.

I would think anything that is putting hard pressure onto her back will cause an upset. There is a sort of negative pressure that is exerted onto the esophagus which can cause quite a bit of pain.

Can you look into a hammock or baby swing to keep her more upright? If you can elevate the pack n play, that might help as well.

Make sure to keep the dose accurate for the Zantac as she will need it constantly upped as she gains weight. If you want to wean her off it, make sure you do it slowly as suddenly stopping any of these drugs can worsen the reflux.

What sort of milk is she taking?

Also, what is the genetic disorder, if you don't mind me asking. I have TRAPS and reflux is one of the symptoms.

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