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July 23rd, 2011, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by alyashlyn View Post
I thought about that too, his behavior might change if he had more stability but really he just adds so much more work and it could take a while for any changes to take place and with a new baby I'm afraid I'll just lose my mind.

That's hard that your husband won't work with you on her behavior I know that just has to be so aggravating. I don't have that problem, my husband goes along with how I deal with his son. But then again my husband doesn't parent his kid at all I do everything with him so he doesn't care what I do with him. I feel like a single parent only I don't have to work and worry about paying bills but I do ALL the parenting.
Count your blessings sister!
If dh let me do as I please w his kid, she would be a different kid.
I'd put a stop to a lot of crap!
But noooo. His precious baby can't be possibly disciplined.
Arg!! I dread summers now too!

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