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July 23rd, 2011, 08:26 AM
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28 weeks!

I'm feeling MUCH better now. Getting past that milestone was big for me, and I feel much less of a mess now. Thank you to all you ladies for being so supportive when I was going through the rough patch!

Had my cervix check yesterday, it's 4.5 cm long, or as the doc said, "Your cervix is a mile long!" I said, "Seriously, I don't think this baby is ever coming out!" The doc I saw yesterday had seen me on the antepartum ward, I'd totally forgotten about her but she remembered me and gave me a hug and said how glad she was to see me as an outpatient this time. I said, "Me too!" I talked to her about the anemia, because I feel pretty spent these days. She said that it's to be expected, but my level wasn't quite low enough for them to consider IV iron yet. In two more weeks, they'll retest and if it's below 30, then they'll probably give me IV iron.

Maggie is growing right on track, same percentile as 2 weeks ago. Funny story: she peed during the ultrasound. It was right after the tech finished measuring her bladder, it suddenly got smaller on the screen and the tech said, "Glad she emptied it AFTER I measured it!" She's kicking plenty too--DH and I went to see Harry Potter last night and she was kicking during the movie.
~Beth in Seattle

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