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July 23rd, 2011, 10:04 AM
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You can keep track of my weight, symptoms, moods, photos, and milestones here also:
pharden87's Pregnancy | Countdown My Pregnancy

- No bump yet (that's always there lol), just giving a starting point.

weight: 108 pounds
tummy size: 30 inches
chest size: 34.5 inches

8/12 - Definitely a small bump there! Seeing as how I'd barely eaten since lunch yesterday and threw up last night and this morning before taking the picture, I think this is all baby!

weight: 111 pounds
tummy size: 32.5 inches
chest size: 34.5 inches

9/8 -
OMG. Nothing is fitting me right anymore. I think I'm going to have to break down and buy some maternity clothes.

weight: 115.8 pounds
tummy size: 35.25 inches
chest size: 36 inches

13 weeks - Sept. 15, 2011
weight: 116.4 pounds
tummy size: 35 inches
chest size: 36.5 inches

14 weeks - sometime last week

And I don't remember any of the info that goes with it. lol

16 Weeks - October 6, 2011

and last I checked my weight was up to 119. I'll have to weigh myself and do measurements tomorrow morning.

18 Weeks - October 20, 2011

weight: 123.2 pounds
tummy size: 37 inches
chest size: 37.75 inches
mom of: Zach (10), Ryan (8), Bella (5), Mason (2), and pollywog #5 due 12/04/14

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