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July 23rd, 2011, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Kangaroo View Post
Count your blessings sister!
If dh let me do as I please w his kid, she would be a different kid.
I'd put a stop to a lot of crap!
But noooo. His precious baby can't be possibly disciplined.
Arg!! I dread summers now too!
That's how my husband is with his snotty, know-it-all, brat daughter 9. It drove me crazy, last summer was the worst. Thank God I don't have to deal with her anymore though, Precious didn't want to come here anymore so she doesn't have to.

I know that more stability would probably help his behavior but to be honest I just don't want to deal with him more, he is just so much work and so difficult I know that's so selfish of me to say but it's the truth. I would love for him to be here more when he's older but I hate the toddler stage so much I'm dreading it with the new baby too. As long as he's behaving I'm in a great mood and am very positive towards him, I try to be very aware of my mood around him. I try really hard to not be negative but becomes difficult when the misbehaving just doesn't quit, once he starts up he just won't stop. Like this morning, he was great for the first few hours - the thing is though that both my husband and myself were in the same room as him so he will behave when we're around. As soon as we both left the room he spit milk on one of my girls, hit the tv with his toy golf club, when the girls tried to stop him he hit one of them in the head with it, he tried to climb the book shelf. I just don't get it he's pretty good when me or my husband are in the same room as him he won't pull that crap around us - that's proof the little monster knows better, but once he's alone or alone with my girls all hell breaks lose. I wanted to strangle him this morning.

I am very aware bipolar disorder is hereditary, I know there's a good chance he's got it too. Both of bio moms other kids have been diagnosed and it along with schizophrenia run in her family, almost everyone has some form of mental disorder. I have already talked to his pediatrician about this and so she wants to keep him monitored for the next few years since right now he's too young to tell anything yet but by school age they'll have a better idea.

It makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only one not liking my stepkid, I feel so guilty I read people on here talk about how much they love them and couldn't image their lives with the stepkids - I just get so jealous, like why can't I feel that way too I don't even like my step son let alone love him.

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