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July 23rd, 2011, 06:42 PM
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It depends. When I did it with Ben, he already knew how to read. I was using it to fill in the gaps, because he'd never been taught formal phonics before. We'd do the review lesson first just to see if there was anything he consistently missed, and then we'd go back and do that lesson. Once he got it, he got it. No point doing every.single.exercise in a lesson, ya' know? Besides that, he was 3 when we went through the series, so he couldn't write yet. Sometimes he'd circle the pictures, but otherwise, I did all the writing. The pages I really cared about were the ones at the ends of lessons where he read a sentence and answered yes/no (because they were really funny, and it helped with flow of reading). Sometimes we'd do 3-4 lessons in a sitting that way. We usually just did a lesson per day, though. Most people use them as a lesson per week and go through the series in about 4 years. That's soooo not our style, though. If I were teaching a 6 year old who didn't already know how to read, then yes, we'd go through every page and spend about a week each, including all the writing.
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