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July 23rd, 2011, 07:36 PM
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ARGH i'm so mad....i was almost done with my post and it's gone. grrr. fine, i'll start over.

my kids are 3 (4 next month) 1 (2 next month) and 8 months. the older 2 are boys and share a room (no toys in it anymore as they constantly trashed the place) the 8month old girl has her own room for now. What helped here with toys was to put things like legos, etc that have tons of pieces so like barbies and accessories or whatever... in plastic bins with lids and puut them up on a high shelf. in order to play with something else that is in a bin she has to pick up what's out- the barbies have to be picked up to play with the leggos etc... so then our other misc toys are in bins in the living room and before snack or a routine cartoon or whatever it is in your house that happens everyday that she likes- she has to pick up before she gets her snack or gets to watch her show.
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