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July 24th, 2011, 10:38 AM
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Ok, here I am

If you want to avoid 60's and that's too cold... you're going to want to skip out on April, May, September and October. The weather here in NY is very unpredictable, so it's very hard to say. But, all of the above months that I mentioned have a MUCH higher chance of having 60 degree weather, or even lower. This year we had a BIG snow storm in March. Fluke, yes... but that can happen. For me, May would be perfect. For YOU.. I'm going to go with the month of June or very early July. Right now we are end of July and 100 degrees, but we're in a rare heat wave. June will be nice I think. If you feel safer, do July.

That said, there are a TON of places in NYC with air.. walking in the midst of Manhattan you will come across 60,000 stores and restaurants- any of which you can stop in chill in if you get warm. Ice cream stands in Central Park, stands with water ALL over. And, sometimes even in the dead of summer when it's hot, you get a nice breeze because of the buildings all around you. (which makes it rough in the winter, but not bad in the summer).

Must do's... I've actually never been to a broadway show there, lol! I've always wanted to, but it's not DH's thing. I would SO do that if you wanna.

If the Empire State Building interests you, I would do that. I did it once, because it's one of those things that "once ya see, eh".. but nice to experience at least once. Lines are terrible, though. The wait time.

Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island is a fun thing to do.. again, another "once you did it, you don't usually wanna do it again" type of attraction. But, nice to do.

Ground zero is cool to visit, although I have not done so in YEARSSSSS so I dunno what it looks like now. Several years ago, there used to still be ribbons on fences and flowers all over for those that have died. It's meaningful to me, as I had family that worked there (they were not killed and/or injured) but like I said, I haven't been there in ages.

Times Square is always a must for me, and I never get bored of it.. even having been 30 times. Fun for pics, and SO many cool stores. Biggest Toys R Us you've ever seen (even has a ferris wheel in it, several stories- even fun to go in when you're with your spouse and no kid), M&M world, poptart store, restaurants galore (though sometimes higher priced here).

Central Park is a MUST!!! You will NOT be alone jogging There are even lots of parts in the park with special lanes for bikes and joggers/runners. It's also fun to just people watch.. in the park, or ANYWHERE!!!

Do not be afraid of horror stories and misconceptions
As always, and anywhere, use caution when you're outside in the dark.. but I think that goes for anywhere. There are muggers and crimes everywhere. THAT said, NYC is actually a VERY safe city and there are always people around. I have went into Central Park at midnight in the dark and felt 100% safe. I have been ALL over NYC on foot and have NEVER felt unsafe. You will have homeless, you will have lots of people walking down the street talking to themselves, and you will find it very very fast paced... but very safe.

I like to wander down 5th ave and window shop.. because Lord knows, I couldn't afford to walk in the doors. But, it's always fun to look at stuff.. and people watch there! I like to stroll near the apartments along Central Park and watch the millionaires and mommys with 34,000 dollar strollers walk out hand in hand with their kids.. and proceed to their cars with drivers. I find amusement in small things.

The Brooklyn Bridge is fun to cross

There's a Chinatown that's interesting.
You can also wander to Long Island via subway or another means, and visit! Nice over there.. Coney Island.

There are a MILLION double decker busses that do tours, if that interests you. There are also walking tours. AND, tons of food tours (i.e. there's one that takes you to a big handful of the best pizza places in Manhattan on foot).

Hotel wise- I've stayed at 1. Because we're only a few hours away, we usually do day trips. Last year we stayed overnight.. and after extensive research, and recommendations... we stayed here:

NEW YORK CITY Hotels - Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts NEW YORK CITY-MIDTOWN-57TH ST. Hotel in NEW YORK CITY | Book Direct for Best Rates

I recommend that hotel with EVERY part of me!!!!!
It is CHEAP for NYC (cheap being $174 ISH without tax- that is CHEAP, trust me).. and it was maybe 3-4 blocks from Central Park. It is "off to the side" a bit down a street, with residential homes.. so pretty quiet. But, walking just 5 minutes and you're in the "midst" on the action. So, it was nice at night.. but still had the "fun" with a short walk. Because of that, it was cheaper. And, the room was FULL size. (if you know NYC, you would know that most rooms are $200+ and they are sorta... MINI rooms, even in the chain hotels.. because of the lack of space in Manhattan, everything is a bit smooshed and mini! And you actually have to be careful if you're in a chain hotel... a LOT of the cheaper rooms- meaning $150 and below.. have shared bathrooms). Our room was nice in this one, PLENTY big and PERFECT location. And, the staff was wonderful. I will stay there next time, in a heartbeat.

You can do a LOT in 3-4 days in NYC. Besides the broadway show.. and Statue of Liberty, I have done most of that above in 1 day. Busy day, but 1 day. Central Park, Times Square and Empire State Building I have all done in 1 day before. (and shopping and eating in between).

Subway system is GREAT and GREAT for getting anywhere you need to be..
People are VERY helpful. If you EVER get lost or need help, jot into one of the 60,000 stores on every block and someone will help.

Now, you MUST go
You would have an INCREDIBLE time! It's my favorite city in the world <3 and one I NEVER get bored in, or sick of. I think you'd have a blast!
If you have more questions, or anything specific.. I can probably help more!
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