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July 25th, 2011, 11:25 AM
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Let me edit this to be more specific because there are some interesting stats! This was published by the government of Alberta Health Authority. Cesarian stat bolded. Published 2009.

Labour Induction
In 2006, 26.8% of hospital deliveries involved induction of labour.
This rate increased from 23.6% in 1997 to 29.2% in 2005 and
dropped in 2006.

In 2006, almost half (44.2%) of hospital deliveries included epidural
analgesia in Alberta, up from 36.0% in 2000.
Forceps deliveries have not increased in frequency over the last
several years. In 2006, 5.6% of deliveries were assisted by forceps.
The vacuum extraction rate has also been quite stable over several
years. 11.4% of hospital deliveries had vacuum extraction in 2006.
There was a steady increase in the cesarean section rate from 1997
to 2006. Just over one in four (26.7%) of hospital deliveries were
by cesarean section in 2006, compared with 16.5% in 1997.

Vaginal births after cesareans decreased between 1997 and 2006; in
2006, vaginal births occurred after 19.4% of previous cesearean
deliveries, compared with 42.8% in 1997.
There was a decrease in the episiotomy rate between 2000 and
2006. The rate was 13.1 (per 100 hospital deliveries) in 2006 and
20.4 in 2000.
One in twenty hospital deliveries (4.7%) involved a case of
shoulder dystocia in 2006. The incidence of shoulder dystocia
increased from 1.5% in 1997.

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